The Buddle Brook a small river in the Back of the Wight. The Brook drains water from the southern side of Brighstone Down and as far to the east as the village of Shorwell. It's flow is the greatest of the streams in the South-West of the Island . Near the village of Brighstone it's body is split into a series of mill ponds built to power Yafford Mill and Brighstone Mill, and controlled ways passing through the village, past the rec and under the noted local landmark, the Dragon Tree . Beyond the village the stream is re-connected into one and flows into Grange Chine. This is heavily vegetated and is the largest chine on the Island. The Brook runs all the way to the beach where it's mouth is at least 4m wide. Once the stream reaches the pebble beach it soaks in and disappears. It is possible to stay at Grange Chine and visit this magnificent place.

The romans built a villa near Brighstone to make use of the brook's fresh water. [1]