Carisbrooke Castle

A Birds-Eye View of Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle is located near the centre of the Island, on a hill overlooking both Newport and the Buccombe Valley, the first construction here is believed to have been a roman fort. The walls and structure of today is believed to be build around the 12th Century,

Carisbrooke Castle has been a important fort throughout 1000AD to 1944 when it became a Tourist Attraction. From 1100 AD Richard de Redevers' Family Owned it and over the next 200 years his descendants improve the Castle by using stone it was eventually sold in 1293 by Isabella de Fortibus, the last lady of the Island, during this time the Island was technically independant. Over the next 300 years it becomes extremely important to the British Monarchy.

The keep was added to the castle in the reign of Henry I and in the reign of Elizabeth I when the Spanish Armada was expected, it was surrounded by an elaborate pentagonal fortification by Sir George Carey

Charles I was imprisoned here after the English Civil War (1642 - 1645) dispite several escape attempts he remained incarnated until his trial. After being charged with crimes against England and Treason against the people of England. He was Executed 14 months after he was put in Carisbrooke Castle. His daughter died at the castle.

It was most recently used by Princess Beatrice daughter of Queen Victoria, she lived there for years and amung over things, planted the Princess Beatrice Gardens, established Castle church and the independant Castle museum; Queen Victoria owned a summer house in Cowes: Osborne House. It became English Heritage Property in 1944 since then it has been a tourist attraction. 100's of people everyday visit the Historical Fort in Carisbrooke.

A new vistors centre and interactive welcome has been built, with a child - friendly talking donkey.