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Please read the following before creating a new page or editing, this will hopefully avoid it being deleted or causing offence. Whilst we appreciate aid and contributions, try to follow the spirit of the rules.

Four Key RulesEdit

Be Truthful

Dont create spoofs, tell lies or write rubbish. These will doubtless offend somebody and we do not want that. Feel free to add local tales or what you think on the talk pages for discussion.

Be Generous

Even if you dislike the thing you are writing about try to be kind and present a neutral outlook, we dont mind a postive spin but writing hate rants is a no no.

Be Organized

Nobody likes having to do the boring bit, dont leave it to others, cite your references, add categorys and sort your work ASAP, makes life easier for us all.

Be Friendly

Even if you know what someone has writed is blatently wrong, dont get angry, assume they didn't know and correct it, this is often the case. If you delete a lot of work give an explanation, if your work is removed ask for one. In cases of dispute refer to an administrator. Dont have an edit war or rage argument. For this reason if your work is removed dont recreate it, ask an admin.

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Creating PagesEdit

Before you create a page please search the wiki and check it dosnt exist under any name, multiple pages are a pain to sort.

We do not mind biographies of friends, ect but keep them nice and mark them with the category Friends.

When writing, follow the main rules and be sensible. Include as much detail as you can, this is a specialist encyclopedia. Any local article is relavent.

Dont copy and paste it all from Wikipedia - hopefully dont do it at all, write original work where possible.

Dont worry if it isnt perfect, we can always fix it later!

See also - Wight Wiki:Candidates for speedy deletion and Wight Wiki:Community Portal

Editing PagesEdit

Always explain, it saves arguing. If you find yourself about to change alot leave a messsage on the talk page asking if anyone minds, if no one responds in a couple of days then go ahead.

We can save it - if you muck up a page, dont worry, just let admin know.