Osborne House

Birds-Eye View of Osborne House; Queen Victoria's Summerhouse

Osborne House is a large italian style mansion built as a ummer House in Cowes for the royal family. It was designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria and Himself

Queen Victoria died at Osborne House in January 1901. Following her death, the house became surplus to royal requirements and was given to the state with a few rooms retained as a private royal museum dedicated to Queen Victoria.

It served as a hospital and imfirmaries for the military before becoming English Heritage Property

The royal family stayed at Osborne for lengthy periods each year: in the spring for Victoria's birthday in May; in July and August when they celebrated Albert's birthday; and just before Christmas. In a break from the past, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert allowed photographers and painters to capture their family in the grounds and in the house, partly for their own enjoyment and partly as a form of propaganda for the nation to show what a happy and devoted family they were. They really did Love the House it is a truly magnificent design.

The Grounds Contain Gardens and Woodland, Below the Gardens was a Private Beach.Today Osborne House is owned by English Heritage and recieves many visiters each day.