Shorwell (pronounced Shorel by some locals and Islanders) is a village and. It is located six kilometres from Newport in the Back of the Wight. Shorwell was one of Queen Victoria's favourite places to visit on the Isle of Wight.

History Edit

The parish of Shorwell contains three manors: North Shorwell (or Northcourt), South Shorwell (or Westcourt), and Woolverton. Northcourt was built in 1615 by the Deputy Governor of the Island, Sir John Leigh, and is the largest manor on the island. It is now a B&B.


The grounds of Northcourt Manor contain a spring, the Shor Well which feeds a stream, one of the tributaries of the Buddle Brook. There is a pub called the Crown Inn, featuring a fishpond and stream, currently owned by Nigel Wynn.

Shorwell is graced by a twelfth century church, St. Peter's Church Shorwell.