Hello and welcome to the wight wiki parliament, or the Upper House. This is the control and ratification end of this project, dealing with policy, content and disputes. To place an issue please pass through the process of the Lower House to allow normal users a chance to have there say. The full board is formed of 5 admin, 5 Wightproject members and the bureaucrat who make the final desisions. This is a democratic process and if a member is found to be corrupt, abusing priviledges or simply no use a vote of no confidence can be raised by the Lower House for their removal from office.

WightWiki Code

We are planning to compose a written law to simplify and complete the administration process of the wiki so that the wiki run efficiently and properly.

Present Board.

This is the board at the moment.

Present Issues.

This is the database of issues being discussed and judged by the board.


It is the policy of this wiki that all desisions above edit level follow this process, any rogue users may face their edits being reversed !


May be put to the board at the Lower House with the topic of question time as the title.

Archive Edit

This is the archives of all desisions and discusions of the board.